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280: Stranger on the Beach (Ignatian Meditation)

August 26, 2023 Sean J Stevens Season 6 Episode 33
Harkening Deer
280: Stranger on the Beach (Ignatian Meditation)
Show Notes

Through the use of visualization & sensory imagery, this Ignatian Meditation puts the practitioner in the scenario of being on a fishing boat with the disciples in the days after Yeshua (Jesus) has been killed, as described in John 21.

Disclaimer: I did not look up or reread this passage before I wrote this meditation. This meditation is based upon my fallible memory of the Bible Story itself, & some creative / poetic liberties. The point of this meditation is not to make sure it is 100% historically accurate, or even necessarily 100% theologically accurate. The point of this meditation is simply to draw us closer to the Divine through storytelling & roleplaying. 

Ignatian Exercises, such as this meditation, is a method that uses visualization & the imagination of the practitioner. It is  based on the style of contemplative prayer that St Ignatius of Loyola used in his spiritual exercises.

St Ignatius lived in Spain in the 16th century and founded the Jesuit order of priests. He believed that our imagination can help us to enter into the events of Yeshua’s life & draw us deeper in connection with the Spirit.

Simply put, I agree, which is why I’ve now created a number of my own Ignatian Meditations, such as this one.. Please feel free to reach out & DM or email me if you’d like to hear more Ignatian Meditations, or if there are specific passages you’d like to hear Ignatius Exercises on, or if there’s another method of meditation you’d like to hear right here, on Harkening Deer.

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